Moose The Chocolate Lab: Excellent Restraint

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This is Moose’s #2 Trick, with a hint of his #1 Trick as an overture. He’s a little distracted by the neighbor’s mower, but he still does pretty well–not on…

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Ali Lindsay says:

He’s a Chocolate Moose!!! (I just got that)..what a gorgeous dog…please
give him a big hug from me!! x

Rebecca Kenny says:

I have a black lab nicknamed Moose! Yours is way more talened than mine!

Weston Harrison says:


bumpsbaby says:

Thank you! Aren’t labs just wonderful? Moose is so good, so affectionate,
and so gentle. We’re ridiculously in love with him.

pinxai says:

what a cute chocolate labrador! Iam in love! :) i also have one but female!
The best breed in world :D

Jal1515 says:

why’s there a band around his muzzle?.. like it looks like fur that was
died hehe :P my lab can do that too :) and you actually said right paw,
when it was on the left paw xD

myangel833 says:

awwww Mosse Mosse your such a ham!

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