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Sammie started training with K9 Mastery on March 20th, 2010 as a last attempt by her owner to save her life. She had severe aggression issues toward both people and animals, and in early 2010 she began to attack other dogs in her household. Sammie’s owner took her to another very well known behaviorist in the area that told him that Sammie was beyond help and should be euthanized, but after speaking with me he decided to give training one more try. My first meeting with Sammie was everything I was promised it to be. She would not let me, anyone or anything come within 15 feet of her. This is the first of the videos to update everyone on Sammie’s progress.

Hi there! My name is Mufana (Word in Tsonga or Xitsonga language used in southern Africa; means: little kid), and I´m a 4 years old black lab. I was born in Maia (Greater Metropolitan Area of Oporto, PORTUGAL) and i´m currently living in the sunny Algarve (in the south of Portugal). Enjoy my video.

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A litter of 9 white Lab puppies with our two year old. www.loyallabradors.com 763-258-9323.