Mud Dogs! GardenFork Labs #28

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Dogs playing in the mud. The Labradors run into every mud hole they find. Why do they? Let us know below. Get our email newsletter:…

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Diana Reiss says:

I think they are hoping to get a nice bubble bath and towel dry from their
owners afterwards! But more likely it is there own version of a day at the
spa. LOL

BarclayTheDevilDog says:

Muddles! Your Labs love muddles because they’re retrievers, and all
retrievers (including us Goldens) love muddles! That’s a basic law of
retrievers! *grins*

GardenFork Labradors says:

dogs playing in mud. can’t keep the Labradors out of any mud puddle, so
watch out.

mar9559 says:

looks like they are having lots of fun.

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