Fish Profile: White Lab African Cichlids HD

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Subscribe for updates. Here are my three white labs that I recently added to the 75.

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BigAlsTanks says:

Thanks. I went with the Caribsea Florida Crushed Coral Geo-Marine Formula.
I like this way better than the sugar sized aragonite sand I had in there
before, don’t have to worry about it clouding up when they dig around.
Hopefully going to have the tank fully stocked in a couple of months.

BigAlsTanks says:

White Labs

Bryce Perry says:

Are these guys called white labs or are they albino yellow labs?

disturbed1103 says:

Sitting on that couch watching that tank > Anything on tv

BM's Aquatics says:

nice fish, tanks looking good. Whats the substrate your going with ? looks
like crushed coral.

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