silver labrador, MOBY Aberdeen

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moby first bark @ 7 weeks,, a big thanks 2 lauren & nick

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rattydog2 says:

that is cute

AmberFaithChloe says:

By the way, I just found out you own two Labs that are not Silver. No
wonder you know nothing about Silver Labs. You ASSUME it is a pure Lab
without even doing any research online. This means you have not done any
research on the Lab breed what Labs should look like. In case you don’t
know, there are only chocolate, yellow & black Labs.

AmberFaithChloe says:

@mrsnailpolish96 I’m sorry but you showed your “silver” Lab? Please tell
me, which show allows silver labs to be shown? The last time I checked,
NONE. Silver Labs are not/will never be allowed to be shown in ANY legit
kennel club shows because “silver” is NOT a recognized colour in the
Labrador Retriever breed standard! Sorry but nothing you can say can change
the facts.

AmberFaithChloe says:

No it’s not. It’s registered as a chocolate Lab(ask every owners who own a
Silver Lab & have papers) but it’s a mutt. BYB do this because they think
think it’s nice & unique. Please do your research online about Silver Labs
then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

violentblue123 says:

@AmberFaithChloe so you’re more of an expert than AKC and CKC? you’re
speaking out of pure blind ignorance. maybe you should do a little research.

Sandy Louise Hickman-Holliday says:

@dogchikdietz Who ever got the information about them not being AKC
probably got it from Dogs101 I heard the same thing on the show. The truth
is both Cats101 and Dogs101 both throw out wrong info to the public all the
time. I just watch it for the cute puppies and kitties and don’t believe
half of what they say.

dogchikdietz says:

So sad when people trash on such a gorgeous dog just because they are
different. Its a shame that all of them have not done their research
either. Silver labs are recognized by the AKC, and I plan on registering my
puppy that I am picking up on Saturday. Silver Labs are actually a
chocolate variety, and are very much real and pure. Do some research people!

pigginray says:

my silvers dad is thunder who is now at lomas labs uk, thunder was imported
from silver valley labs in the states somewhere i think, i’d love to know
more about them, anyone got any info on them?

JoBroxx3 says:

its actually a lab.

lizzieyoumeatsix says:

sooooo cute

JoBroxx3 says:


SpikeyHairLover says:

ooh im crying from laughing i love this video !!!! such a cute silver lab:)

JoBroxx3 says:

actually there are a cherry colored lab. my moms co-worker is a lab breeder
and she got cherry labs. and i do know what labs look like. i have had labs
all my life and my dad is an expert on labs. i will ask my vet if there is
a such thing as silver labs! i will do research!

k33op says:

@AmberFaithChloe dont be daft, they are not a recognise pedigree but a
diluted chocholate lab…a lab is a lab regarless of colour..who cares if
any kennel clubs recognise it…what do i care..hes beautiful!!

Carrie Spurgeon says:

Now I am certain these puppies turn into beautiful dogs! The only problem I
can see as a breeder is that they do therefore come from a small gene pool
which might cause problems in the future due to the same recessive genes.
Personally I wouldn’t breed from them especially with another silver type.
They should not be reg. as pure. DNA testing only proves the mother and
father are just that, it cannot test for specific breeds. The fact that
these are sold at inflated prices is just plain wrong!

pigginray says:

gorgeous, reminds me of my silver lab when she was that age, now 2years old
and still as daft.

JoBroxx3 says:

also. my dad’s friend has a silver lab. he is a lab expert. i know

josiecat512 says:

Do your research mrsnailpolish before you open up your mouth….. move on

jensh684 says:

oohhhh i love silver labs! i wish this video was better quality….. :/

jacksonswelt says:

what a nice silver und pure lab puppy with maybe blue eyes! greetings from
‘jackson’ – a grown silver lab with amber-colored eyes.

Carrie Spurgeon says:

These are actually Weimaraner/labradors as can be seen quite easily by the
whip like tails, pure labs have otter tails and never whip tails. Someone
in the states crossed the two breeds and proceeded to sell them as silver
labs, registering is done without dna testing, they are reg as chocolate as
probably the mother was a choc lab. Since then generations later, crossing
labs with a cross gene has allowed litters to sometimes throw up a more
weimaraner type. It is these that are sold as silver.

JoBroxx3 says:

i just did my research. they are full blooded labs. i went on a site that
breeds them and the AKC accepts them as silver/chocolate labs. i have seen
black labs that are lengthy and them being full blooded. and their face is
a face of a lab. i just looked at my FULL BLOOODED chocolate lab and they
look alike. so don’t try and tell people they aren’t labs.!

tatudmarine says:

damn i can see my silver at that age now just watching this.. i have a
char. silver so the darker of the two…. your is beautiful!!!! mine is
from silver star kennel in texas…

coltongoudy says:

beautiful silver!!

AmberFaithChloe says:

This is not a Lab. This is a mutt. A mix of a black lab & a weim. The puppy
is too lengthy & the face is too much like the Weim. Eyes like the Weim
too. I don’t understand why BYB do this.

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