Jack the Labrador Retriever Summer 08

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KnittingPasta says:

what was that giant mushroom thing? looked like something fun

JuanesLT says:


ejlewis18 says:

love how he used the stairs

nolemetangre says:

@animal5girl i know its lab…guess how? …..its written on the title of this video!!!!

nolemetangre says:

which breed is it?

Madalina Ignat says:

:))) he’s so stylish

kayeLUV143 says:

my lab loves to swim and chase ducks

lolironieHM says:

how deep was that pool? it looked deep. you have a great dog

Philis37 says:

Smart and beautiful. Just lovely. Is this the same Jack from “Summer 2007″?

vincentgts says:

lol trop beaux le labrador !!!!

mquattlebaum says:

Ha! I was on the fence; lab or golden retriever. But I just don’t see the golden retrievers gettin’ down to Billy Joel. Thanks for the help.

Wifflewaff says:

Hi, just posted video of our pupple dupples, Sandy. Hope you enjoy, it’s been a long time in the waiting as she has just turned 12 months old.
Have also posted a video of our Abbey and gooseknack has posted one of Bronson and Abbey.
How is Jack going? hope all is well.
All the best, Wifflewaff.

alien234565 says:

click my name to see my pup

Jasmine Lay says:

i love it
i wish my dog would do that
i mean he’s afraid

FreePersiaForAll says:

You should think about transforming that swimming pool into a swimming pond. Look up swimmng pond on Google and do some research and you will know what I am talking about.

pivotman2000 says:


stilljude says:

PRESSURE by Billy Joel

J dBini says:

what song is that lol?

TheBananaDog says:

how cute! XD

chivasusachris1 says:

hmmmm not bad but if you wanna see 100% intelligent look at my lab in my page !

neighboursluver says:

what happened to the other pool??
i agree Jack is a genius lol

FatCatsLoveMe says:

yay he goes in water now on his own. and a new pool!1

FatCatsLoveMe says:

i no i have 1 2

KungVanargand says:

Yep! He definetly has the hang of it now! Climbs out of the pool like the star that he is!:-) Good boy Jack! Love Lab´s!

crimedude7 says:

very cool dog and his very friendly great dog to have take care of him

redsheriff says:

You must be proud – no dare – I know, labs are the best kind of dogs in the world at all …

I would really appreciate to see more about Jack – he’s very intelligent and soo lovley as well …

geminijem says:

Yeah for Jack! This looks like a different pool and different backyard, did you move?

GammaGulchGirl says:

Hey! We need to see more of Jack and what he’s been up to. My fav is when he learned to swim last summer! Excellent, Dude!!!

Wifflewaff says:

Yep definately. Labs Rule!! :-D

stilljude says:

Ha! Thanks for the comment. These labs are the greatest!!!

Wifflewaff says:

Congrats to Jack!! You definately can’t keep a lab out of water. We know that for a fact with our Bronson. The smallest puddle and he goes nuts.. :-)

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