Chocolate Labrador Puppy chasing 2 German Shepherds

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A Chocolate Lab puppy with my 2 German Shepherds. She was just visiting us here in California.

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AngusGibsonT says:

How much do you think we give a damn if you like or dislike a video?

JoelleDunn says:

Hi! Not sure if I ever replied to this nice comment, but you described exactly what I was doing. Cody was usually the aggressor, but the fact that he runs from the pup was just so hilarious, which is really why the video was posted in the first place. :) Have a wonderful rest of year!

7Countrygal11 says:

Im setting saying get em at my computer…..

sukygill1 says:

beautiful dogs, its upto you how you discipline them, some may not like it, their problem, just enjoy your dogs

Betty White says:

You did a wonderful job managing the dogs. There was no nagging. You let yourself be known just a few times to assure your pups didn’t get too rowdy. Same thing you have to do with children because they can get overly excited, and even though they don’t mean to, can sometimes get too rough. You were just being a good mommy and also protecting the other pup :)

123japanuser says:

Dislikers are spooked felines =(

JoelleDunn says:


Agermanshepherdsheba says:

NAHHHHHH thats a german shepherd

Agermanshepherdsheba says:

come see my beautfuil german shepherd sheba

djexplode6 says:

I find it amazing that Cody is, i guess you can say, ‘training’ the ‘puppy’; but knows its a puppy and is gentle.

EziixPked says:

chocolate lab puppies are the cutest

Spamazoid says:

we had one for 12yrs they make there own exercise if you have a average size yard.
take them for walks everyday certainly helps. Ours was a canine security dog so she was a bit more hyper then usual but still very manageable and we only had an average size yard and another 40Kg Bernese Mountain Dog aswell, both were inside dogs most of the time and spoilt rotten :)

bunnyfreakz says:

Labrador : Omg new mom and pop

mamo1984 says:

Awesome video :) Made me laugh.

Jenne Green says:

Beautiful dogs.

BlazedHearts says:

Don’t worry, you’re doing a perfect job. G-shepherds are decently big and definitely powerful/strong dogs and people underestimate that. Making sure they’re gentle with a puppy isn’t “nagging”, its being a good owner.

Nikita Bachu says:

awwv they are all so cute

JayBoy277 says:

I have a Chocy Lab and a German Shepherd, both males. The Shepherd is 6 months older than the Lab and they’re best friends.

Tofu106Player says:

Thanks! Yeah, I read they need to feel like they have a purpose in some way or another because, like you said, they become hyper and unruly. I’ve seen a course around where I live that is ran by an retired policeman who was in dog unit and specialises in training dogs for special purposes – so I hope my GSD would get some mental exercise as well. Thanks for your advice :-)

JoelleDunn says:

It depends really. Cody is really lazy. Jesse was very work oriented. I would say a decent amount as they are working dogs and want to be useful. If they sit around too much and don’t get utilized in some way they can become hyper and unruly because they want to be useful and seem to become confused when they don’t have something to do.

Tofu106Player says:

Beautiful dogs you have there! And please ignore those who are saying you’re “nagging the dogs” and ” not letting the dogs play”. You’re an example of good dog owners. There are some who buy powerful breeds like the German Shepherds and let them run riot, barking at the most silliest thing and making them aggressive. Bearing in mind, you have 2! And they’re absolutely lovely! How much exercise do they need per day? I have always wanted one and planning on buying a male GSD! Thank you :-)

paulagraybeal says:

I got a sheperd

belindarodriguez27 says:

I love sheperds i got 1 myself

Moreththerogue says:

Wonderful video and very nice interaction between the pups and the owner. You’ve raised some very sweet shepherds and I expect to little lady will be just as well socialized. Thank you for sharing.

Kelly Borman says:

Which one would u choose? Lab or shepherd? I’d choose lab cuz they r soo much cuter!!!

casdiggin3 says:

Probably arother uneducated person who doesn’t know enough about dogs to make a valid comment. You were just “reminding” them, to take it easy because this is a small puppy. I have worked with dogs in kennels and daycares for 10 years straight, You did NOTHING wrong! By the way, BEAUTIFUL GSD’s!

JoelleDunn says:

Question: do you not have a period key on your keyboard?

thedirtbikrninja says:

true i heard that purse dogs and small short dogs like the mexican chewhawa is the biggest big do fight starter and aperently a rich city girl is supposed to sue the owner of the larger dog becase the other dog didnt know whatitcan handle the most it could handle is a cricket leave it to the labs my grandmother has a lab and all labs want to do is say hello butno its bigger so it cant be near a purse dog big dogs rule and thats my opinion

tonEH123 says:

I wish I could afford dogs like that :(

Jesus Vega says:

Nice dogs

JoelleDunn says:

:) – agreed. Cody, the shepherd we have left, is afraid of our cats, but every so often will bark aggressively at one of them. I am positive he’d never hurt the cat but he gets berated when he barks like that. It’s just something you gotta do to remind them that you’re watching.

JoelleDunn says:

Funny thing about that bandana is that it came off of a stuffed dog. My twins put it on her cuz they thought it would look cute. :)

hockeylvrforeve says:

sooo cute

Venus Yan says:

German Shepherds can be gentle, so stop hating on big dogs. If you don’t do nothing to them they wont hurt you. Apearantly most of the people are traumatized by big dogs, but not all big dogs are aggressive. People who are traumatized will disagree with me.

ApostleOfDub says:

i want one for my dawg

franorts516 says:

Soooooo cute!!!!!

marshalljimduncan says:

Your video is awesome! Otherwise you would not have 1.5 million views! Haters/jealous people will always leave negative/idiotic comments, it makes them feel better about themselves.

jenniclay says:

Everyone looked to be happy in this video. The German Shepherds are curious and playful and the puppy is not scared at all. I own two German Shepherds and they love all kids and my cats!

mymetaldragon says:

1 german shepard thinks the puppy tastes like chocolate
1 german shepard thinks the puppy smells of chocolate
puppy lets fun on candy island
awwww their soooo cute playing together :)

MCK9SAR says:

Cute puppy and you can never over socialize a dog. We have 3 beautiful GSDs and they are wonderful, but there’s nothing wrong with reminding your dog to be nice.

Tankpaw54 says:

cute puppy thanx 4 giving a nice break from hw :)

JoelleDunn says:

- yup.

mrpotatoes99 says:

not saying your nagging or whatever caz your not but just fyi when they nibble like that theyre just playing it wont hurt the pup ;)

edith valdez says:

I love Dogs and Cats : my favers are Labrador , Shepers police dogs and Chow Chow the most cutes .

TopGearrules says:

0:46 LOL fail!! Lovely lab btw!! :)

JoelleDunn says:

- I am actually very proud of myself for a lot of reasons. Whether or not you’re proud of me doesn’t matter in the slightest. Again. I speak 6 words during the entire video. How that defines ‘nagging’ well, speaks volumes as to your hearing, your powers of perception and your education.

JoelleDunn says:

- meh, most of the time people are pretty nice on here.

dangercats77 says:

good work with the adorableness, but 2 u idiots out there, the only reason she said stop was because she did not want their playing to go too far and the puppy get hurt, otherwise there would be no reason for her to stop.

Spike8124u says:

B Beautifull dogs. Seems to me you were just teaching the them to be nice to the baby. Spike is 2.5 and still just a big puppy who needs to be reminding occasionally on how to behave.

dannyboyspain1 says:

FANTASTIC video thank you for posting…German shepherds RULE…

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