Chocolate Labrador Puppy

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Bill Marsden says:

sorry a bellybuton

Bill Marsden says:

I see his little peepee

mandocamando11 says:

Abusive. It’s five days old. Shouldn’t even touch the pup yet and your damaging the poor things eye site. Fatfuk.

MachineKing32 says:


Jazmyne305 says:

Chocholet labs are band from some parts of amarica.

samiiee069 says:

i don’t know where you can see a deformed genetic desaster in this video.

Damu Harvey says:

@PUPPYBEATER09 if this was my puppy and you try to abuse it i’ll would have kick your ass i’m dead serious what a damn abuser.

hollypolly perry says:

ok thank you for telling me. :) such a beautiful puppy.

frostedheart63 says:

The lights are from the flash when the people in the background are taking its picture. The flashing is only happening for a very short time…not long enough to hurt its eyes (which look like they haven’t even begun to open on this pup yet).

spartacusvikinga says:

Lovely dogs.

hollypolly perry says:

so cute but why is there lights flashing cant that damage its eyes.

TheSingingfreaks123 says:

you guys are all jelous of that puppy and thats why u put dumb butt comments hahahaha.
she put on the flash so she could make him do that funny thing.and it doent matter anyway his eyes are closed hes only about 2 weeks

irabhat00 says:

That is so mean. Even if you don’t think it is cute, if you treat him right he will love you to his greatest ability. and what kind of name is “PUPPYBEATER09″ ?!?

neukertification says:

Oke..puppies are cute, adorable..but is it really necessary to bring puppies into the world knowing how many unwanted dogs are killed each year. If you can find them a great home that is great but be responsible pet owners and have your pets neutered/ spayed. That was the first thing I did with my rescue dog.

InsertName125 says:

I see he’s still recovering from the electro-shock therapy.

blackyoshi57 says:


Corrupted angel says:

at 1:45 he’s so tickilish! D’AWWW!!!! ^^ my choc lab is laying next to me… snoring… but yet he’s awake O_o

MetalFire231 says:

that poor pup was tazzed just before this film ………

castor5pollax says:

Couldn’t you just say “turn ur flash off” and spare us the “fucking retarded” part of it. Please.

animalplanetnews101 says:

Oh I loved it more when he was curled in a ball

animalplanetnews101 says:

Its soooooo cute when he is just laying there twitching:)

incompatibleTypes says:

wish I saw my lab puppy when she was this age :(

ChiefLilliCool says:

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhw <3 <3 cuteee <3 <3

Cploversnowey7 says:


chikarita1410 says:

I think it’s like a choc lab thing to sleep like this. My Choc lab who is 4 years old and weight like 100 pounds still sleeps like this

Convicts100 says:

@AnaJil : Mmmmmmm, no Labrador puppies are the cutest puppies !!!!

Convicts100 says:

@PUPPYBEATER09 : Don’t you like puppies then?

vidchickable says:

too cute im gonna die!!!!

twen7yseven says:

13 people have a smaller penis than this puppy.

juliana13261 says:

Awwww i remember when my hershey was like that, 6 months ago!

Thecc7744 says:

@PUPPYBEATER09 Did you know that newborn puppies look like this!? Puppies of certain breeds are VERY chubby until a later age. This pup is a beautiful creation of life that should be cherished.

arbanaskocudo says:

he looks like a beaver !

Justicepaine99 says:

OMG You Killed That Poor Defensless Puppy!! How Could You!?!? JK.
But Seriously At First The Dog Looks Dead. DX

Skayzifly says:

The perfect lazy position for a dog

Giannina Hoyos Arango says:

dambn Hes a Rockstar!! :) Look the flashes! :) ♥♥ Adorable!! :)

Cornelia Brown says:


Gavin Page says:

what!!!!!!!!!! so funny:)

AnaJil says:

Sweet creature :-)… All puppies are beautiful, no matter what breed!

luisaviation says:


anniloloable says:

sooo very cute

ExZonie says:

What a doll baby!

extradutyfelt1 says:

life at it´s purest form..

extradutyfelt1 says:

I agree, you should kill yourself, when you do, let me know, so I can put the champagne on ice, ok.

PuppieGirl1011 says:

@PUPPYBEATER09 you stupid coward!!! I should come and kill you jerk don’t show your face anywhere again!!!!!

skuld420 says:

looks a bit like a mole when he is lying down like that.

lucylu123100 says:

I would rather kill you

Charlie Chavez says:

i ma call him twitch!

1234carcar says:


pierlejna83 says:

LOL… I have a choc pitbull mix who took a chicken leg out of my hand the other day as I was getting ready to put the chicken on my plate… LOL

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