AKC Chocolate Lab Puppy for sale Male – Bear

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chocolatelabpuppies.net AKC Chocolate Lab Puppy for sale Born 6 First Shots, Wormed, health checked, Block Head, Beautiful Disposition, Great Temperment, show quality, well socialized with adults, children, and dogs. House raised and round the clock attention and care. Our Chocolate Lab Pups will be ready August 14th as they will be 8 weeks old. 8 pups in the litter, 5 males, 3 Females Our Male Chocolate Lab Bo is an absolute stud. He is 85 lbs. Block head, perfect temperment, perfect disposition, a true specimen. He is a conversation starter every where he goes as people always comment on how beautiful he is. Bo is extremely muscular, very, very well built, has the block style head which is very desirable, and he is “our boy.” Bella is an absolute sweetheart. She is beautiful, very well built, great disposition, great with kids, very patient, and very active with lots of energy, and one heck of a mother. We are not a puppy mill, this is our first litter of pups with Bo & Belle who are our beloved pets. For More information please visit chocolatelabpuppies.net or call 517-861-7734

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Collin2377 says:

So these labradors they go up to 85 lb, really ?I need a dog, Labrador is my favourite, but they are too bog for my apartment. I am looking for something between 25-40 LB.

Mason Halpin says:

How much are males?

md Gouse Moinuddin says:

so cute i love labrador dogs

jake douglas says:

where do i pick him up how much

paintedbird says:

My mom has a choclate lab named Bear! Seeing this little guy brings back memories of our little Bear as a pup!

cherrybombons says:


Ash Diana says:

If people stop Breeding there will be no more dogs at all…and personally when I am going to put a bunch of money into a dog…Shots, training, toys, expensive food, etc. I want to get the breed I want with the temperament I want AND I WANT TO KNOW BACKGROUND AND I WANT PAPERS…Saving animals is always good but when you want a member of the family that doesn’t always mean your perfect match is in a shelter…If you don’t like breeding don’t breed but don’t be rude about others who do…

Michelle Olsen says:

Just had one on Feb 7th will be 8 weeks old on April 7th visit chocolatelabpuppies(dot)net for more info and contact info

mike11bmx says:

i want onneee lol

Brittany McClintock says:

cute but people need too stop breeding there are plenty of starving dogs that need homes

Outlawzand1 says:

Chocolate labs are awesome and the big ones always
remind me of brown bears :D

Chakdegirl says:

I am gonna die of cuteness….

XxxxExclusivexxxX says:

i cried for a week afte my chocolate lab died. i had him for 11 years. he was the perfect dog. anyone looking into getting a family dog should deffinently consider a chocolate

jreynolds29 says:

aww, thats what my dog looked like when he was a pup. miss it

PhoenixImmortal18 says:

I would love him forever….

Bill Brown says:

we have a black lab pup thats 5 months now and 60 pounds and named him Bear when we got him at 6 weeks

425deejay says:

i got one too ! black lab XD

BeautyLoveAffair says:

i never thought i could want a labrador more till i watched this video lol :)
I just have to persude my dad to get me one lol

BeautyLoveAffair says:

i never thought i could want a labrador more till i watched this video lol :)

cuteangel1987 says:

hi my name is virginia im looking for a chocolate lab puppy i live in michigan if any one can help me that will be great thanks

NubjyNubjy1374 says:

at first it sounds like your describing a TV….lol

myangel833 says:

my puppy weighd 11 pounds at 6 weeks

Pernille Skov Katja Knudsen says:

you are the cutest litle chocolatelabpuppie i ever have seen. I have a black puppie at home. She is so cute. She is 8 month.

plentypeas says:

omg so flippin cute!! awwwwwwwww

Vincent Mosley says:

how far are you from pa?

Michelle Olsen says:

Just had a new litter last Saturday 3 males 5 females if you are interested give us a call 517-861-7734

09puppygirl09 says:

call me 7711447

carter051299 says:

me plz i love dogs call me 973 342 4094

Rey Pupo says:

hey can you email me more information about more male puppies like this, thats if bear is sold i am really interested.

luckyjadey says:

are they still for sale?

christiansimvideos says:

adorable puppy!he’d make a great show dog..I love labs! :)

Cassidy Griffin says:

cute dog!!! i would buy him but i just spent my money on an 8week golden retiver!but i love the dogs and i mean both of them!!!

ChinchillaSniper says:

i love chocolate labs i have one that 15 and she doent stop farting ;)

benmahesh says:

i have a grown chocolate at home named hershey. she looked the EXACT same way when we first got her.
im gonna get another for college and im actually gonna name him Bear, but not after this one
Bear Bryant =P

mickey spikey says:

how much do you usually sell your pups?

FetchinPups says:

Nice looking Pup! Check out Mocha’s chocolate pups on my channel!

chubbyface1 says:


dbelanger1 says:

gorgeous labs

goonishplayer says:

He is a fancy colour i love choclate labs but i cant get a hold of one.

LadyL1981 says:

OMG I want bear!!!!! Beautiful chocolate lab :)

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