chocolate labs dreaming

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passing by with camera in hand, shot film, realized the radio was in sync.

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cjs17 says:

oh my god SOO CUUUTE

IvyWippit says:


HasanRegius says:

SUPER cute

Ali Lindsay says:

Oh my God…just heaven….so so beautiful….I wouldn’t be able to give
them away.. I’d end up with a house full of Labs!

Kay Bear says:

@MyBullDogMack so sorry for your lost….not sure how long ago it was but
the best cure is to get another k-9 as soon as you can…THANK-YOU so much
for your service to our country…MAY GOD Bless you…

moniii45 says:

22222222222222 cute <3

June Bug says:

Wow their dreaming hard, must be wimm’n a little

oilmoil says:


Issaquan5 says:

@MyBullDogMack I’m sorry

Katrina G says:

soooow cute <3

0429mustang says:

are these puppies for sale, if so, i would be interested, we just lost our
chocolate lab last week, she was wonderful.

Taisha Benitez says:

Omq. they all came from 1 litter? They are soooooooooo kute!!!

LadyL1981 says:

This video made me cry! They are so beautiful. Dogs and god’s gift to man
without a doubt!

hunterjore13 says:

looks like ones playing the drums haha

MsJdam says:

ahhh so cute!! my black labs just had 10 pups, 8 black 1 choc and 1 golden!
they arent dreaming though its their nerves forming whilst they sleep thats
why they twitch!

Issaquan5 says:

the one in the upper left corner lolz

bolsy13 says:

the one in the middle is thinking get the hell off me bro

emily romero says:

How many

Katie Stanbridge says:

wow ten puppys thats a big litter!

atenka17 says:


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