3 week old puppies eating food for the first time

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Our AKC Chocolate Labrador puppies who are 22 days old today are eating for the first time on their own. We mixed goats milk with baby rice cereal and Life’s Abundance Large Breed Puppy Food…

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GodivaLabradors San Jose says:

Thank you @hound dogs Please go to

Lilly Hoops says:

this is like torture

Miranda Patterson says:

I have 4 five week old puppies and I can’t get them to hardly eat, I have
to force them, there mom never had a milk supply so I bottle fed till 3
weeks old and then they refused it and I had to eye dropper them, I still
have to eye dropper there puppy formula and the only thing they will eat
for me is mushy chicken, I’ve blended there hard puppy food up with goats
milk and baby rice cereal and they don’t want it! I can’t wait till there
older, it’s been rough trying to keep them fed, they look underfed to me
even though I am offering food all the time and I force formula down them. 

hound dogs says:

To cute–what is your nursing box made out of-whats the size-thks

krishna roy says:

so cute puppy so lucky u are….i am litrly crying yesterday i give my 4
week puppy to another person coz there are nobody elas to care for him he
was so lovely thay need only love attention i tried my best but i am
working so……oh my god m crying missing him 

GodivaLabradors San Jose says:

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