12 year old labrador opening Christmas gift

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A simple test, to see if our 12+ year old Lab Hannah could find and open her Christmas gift… with a little historical video to set the background.

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Lucy Kettle says:

Beautiful, beautiful girl!! What a great video.

Lucie Václavíková says:

very nice

Ggavin360 says:

one word…amazing.jus goes to show when u love ur dog alot n take care of
them good they can live way past the average

Anand R says:


nolemetangre says:


scarameatloaf says:

how cute!I have a yellow lab named Eva,she’s 2 months!

Luvbeags says:

Loved it. We have an old Lab too! Hubby got him for me while we were
engaged, back in 1994 I’m bummed I don’t have too many pics of our dog when
he was a pup. We were young, and poor, and only had one barely working
camera. BUT, now we’ve gone digital, and now I probably take too many
pictuers LOL Great video!

UltimeciaFFB says:

Great dog! I got a female lab too. Mine’s 11 years old and her name is
Penellope. It’s lovely to see how even old they enjoy playing so much!

pinkmusiicluva says:

Awwww this is too cute. My Lab is 10 right now.

Stamped Octagon Productions says:

My Black Labrador, Molly, lived to be 15!

bluntyo says:

yeeeeeeeeeeeah, she is great. I loved the video.

MrAw3s0mE1999 says:

this dog looks very healthy for this age

brianb3000 says:

@Ggavin360 yea my aunt dog live for 20 years we was the same age

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