Trimming Black and White Toenails in Dogs

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Dr Greg and Desiree show helpful nail trimming tips.

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Mausie Sylvani says:

The vid is very informative knowing when to cut the black nail, my dog is
very uncooperative and your right, some one needs to hold him but….I am
kind of frustrated, I have no one but my dog as my comp. I’ll give it a try
again. Thanks.

CuleBear says:

Thank you!!! Black nails have always been a problem for me when it comes to
cuttin nails to my dogs.

reaperette says:

Also, if trimming the dogs nails, please use a sharp enough tool! There is
nothing worse than crushing the doggie’s claws!

AmericanPitbulls1 says:

As I always say if you do it right or you do it wrong do it quick cause
there is nothing worse than expecting pain for a long time but very nice

zozolove .pet says:

hi Dr. Greg i liked this amazing video . what the substance that added to
the black nails and the benefit of it

Greg Martinez DVM says:

@AmericanPitbulls1 Very true.

kayBTR says:

I can’t believe she said it hurts a little bit-it would hurt like hell if
someone cut the quick of her nail. That why dogs yelp loudly the second
they are cut. And they remember it because it will never be easy to cut
their nails again.

TheNarutocamp says:

this is the best dog trimming video i’ve seen on youtube

Emily Gregory says:

thanks for this, the best on you tube for trimming nails

Karla Rodriguez says:

RAD! Does spider webbing actually possess coagulant properties?

littleripper312 says:

thanks so much!

Lori Boulais says:

Its an old folk remedy. My father said that his grandmother used to do the
same thing when one of his siblings got cut, she would grab the broom and
get a cobweb to put on it. Apparently it does help the would to clot. Never
tried it, don’t think I would. But they used to do it a lot.

Greg Martinez DVM says:

Don’t know how to sharpen them, I would buy a new pair

Greg Martinez DVM says:

@reaperette thanks for the tip, that is correct sharper clippers cause less

Greg Martinez DVM says:

You’re welcolme. I thought a bit more explanation would be helpful

Budz Wingren says:

My dog hates going to the groomers. They have been very unpatient with her
and just chop away. I bought a Dremel to try at home. At 1st she didnt dig
it, but now she just falls asleep while Im grinding. I alternate a few
seconds on each nail, giving treats inbetween. Havent been back to the
groomer in over a year. Stickin with what works for her.

Budz Wingren says:


Gin Nelson says:

THAT IS WHAT I SAW! Perfect video to know what to look for on black nails.

Greg Martinez DVM says:

It is sticky and helps provide a scaffold for blood to clot

MsKGB1 says:

One of my fosters has those gigantic black nails, no tips so I am clueless
but good advise a little at a time.

dandelion685 says:

Hi Dr. Greg, I have truly enjoyed your video’s on animal care! We have
learned a lot about caring for our pets and saving money. I have a question
about the scissor type nail trimmer. You mention being sure to use a sharp
clipper – how can one tell when it is not sharp enough any longer? We’ve
had our clipper for maybe 8 – 9 years and have used them on 3 dachshunds @
1x a month. Is there a way to sharpen them? Or should we just buy a new
pair? Thanks, Nancy

kayBTR says:

Isn’t it interesting they didn’t show what happened when she cut the dogs
cuticle. She laughs when she says stop cutting when it bleeds. I would
never let her near my dog.

Banirura says:

The scary thing with my dog he has both black and white nails.

Mdntflyer says:

Thanks for the explanation about the black nails…Very helpful as I have 4
little dogs..that’s 72 black,white and red nails I need to trim every

Tom Mcc says:

Black nails are more difficult. I brought him to Petsmart $11 complete.
I’ll go back every month.

LadyAmyV says:

Thanks for the great advice! Trimming a dog’s nails makes me so darn
nervous, but this helps :)

Budz Wingren says:

Finally, a video that actually helps explain HOW to avoid the quick! Ive
seen too many videos that just show people cutting blindly and not
explaining anything. I made it a game to see how many bad vids Id see
before someone got it right. Maybe an explaination of how you can check
black nails from the underside to roughly determine where the quick ends. I
know you know what Im talking about. ;) And maybe talk about cutting angles
too. Still this has been the best vid Ive seen on the topic so far

Em A Viking says:

Finally a video that actually explains what to look for when clipping dark
claws. Thank you!

Greg Martinez DVM says:

The black stuff helps stop the blood if nails are cut short. It really
helps the blood clot.

PhoenixBHO says:

where the heck do ya get spider webs? …haha…n dont say from a spider.

Big Shot says:

Thank you for the video! I just got a job at a vet clinic kennel and I have
never done this before.

Greg Martinez DVM says:

Thanks, tried to show what you look for !

silverclarity says:

couldnt watch this all way through as she made it bleed on the first cut!!!
Poor dog was crying”!!!!

FlowingDepths says:

Thank you so much for this video! For the longest, the best advice I could
get for black toenails was, “trim a little at a time, and stop when you
think it’s close enough!” >.<

D NB says:

God Bless YOU!!!!!!!

BigBangBlitz says:

I did it more or less successfully. Thanks! I’ll save hundreds a year now.

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