Labrador Retriever – Teach your puppy dog to pick up different objects

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Close Teach your puppy to pick up a variety of objects. This can be fun for both you and the puppy. In this video, I am teaching my 6 month old Labrador Retriever puppy to pick up a plastic water bottle every time.

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zcubert3 says:

That lab is REALLY underweight I mean I know they have a tendency to be obese but this is pretty extreme

Eddyelder says:

Nice vid btw…..

Eddyelder says:

Is this lab underweight? She/he looks very skinny….. The only time ive ever seen a lab this skinny was after a mum had 10 pups….

Haribohound says:

@Febuary20000 I think you could! My dog is becoming six and he is still doin his thing and learning new things.

Feburary20000 says:

i have a lab mix with retreiver she turned 6 may 17th and i was wondering if i can still train her she listens to me all the time she still acts like a puppy she will sit in ur lap but wen meeting people she jumps on them and i wanna know how i can teach a old dog new tricks (i finlly get tht saying!)

erchunt says:

in the philippines and the only dog trining course here are for police works only

erchunt says:

i have a 2months lab, when do i start training him?

filipeamor says:

i must say i enjoyed your shorts and sneakers.

Sozrash T'haghapsau says:

I was just teaching my dog the same today :)

Kwizii says:

It’s also interesting to start teaching them the names of the objects during that exercise.

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