Lab Puppies Playing Outside with Momma

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Puppies about 6 Weeks Old.

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Fifi Quimbo says:

Momma needs to chill. 

Claire Revelle says:

The puppies were just kinda running around in circles like, what in the
world is mommy doing? :)

MK Sullivan says:

Mom: Sorry, cafe’s closed

MK Sullivan says:

Mom is trying to wear her puppies out so they can’t nurse anymore.

Garry Cam says:

PUPPY: I want the nipples!

Night's Tales says:

Momma is very energetic & playful, very cute!

Antonia Raducanu says:


NOIS WIK says:


Kayla Cochrane says:

awww so damn cute. i want a lab puppy so bad.

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